Best Friends Again was created to help hospice patients and their pets

Our founder, Cristy “Cris” Ellingson-Jett and her husband had a pact to take care of one another's’ pets in the event of their death. Ken contracted cancer and died, with Cris then taking care of Tess. The fact that they had one another to care for their pets was reassuring but, realizing not everyone is so fortunate, Cris worked to create Best Friends Again to help hospice patients be able to keep their pets with them for as long as possible. Caring for, walking and providing food for pets is our goal. Additionally we want to provide reassurance to patients that their pets will be well cared for after their deaths.

Current officers in Best Friends Again include:

  • Cris Ellingson-Jett – President/Director
  • Shane Felitz – Vice President
  • Shena Jaramillo – Secretary/Treasurer

Shane is kept busy taking care of the day-to-day operations at the ranch. Shena is a busy woman who serves as a sounding board for activities and the operation of Best Friends Again. All have been involved in pet rescue for years and play vital roles in the programs.